Is Weight Status Related to Asthma In Adult Males 35-54 Years Old?




Houck, Steven
Howard, Harrison
Baca, Ryan
Hockaday, Josh
Hartos, Jessica


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Introduction: Asthma is a prevalent health issue today but the relationship between weight status and asthma in adult men has yet to be thoroughly explored. The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between weight status and asthma in adult males 35-54 years old. Methods: This cross sectional analysis used 2014 BRFSS data for males ages 35-54 from Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Oregon. Multiple logistic regression analysis was used to assess the relationship between weight status and current asthma while controlling for ethnicity/race, exercise, tobacco use, education level, income level, and metropolitan status. Results: Few males 35-54 years-old reported having current asthma (6-9%) and most reported being overweight (73-80%). After controlling for lifestyle and demographic factors asthma was not significantly related to weight status in any of the four states (Oregon, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts). Conclusion: Weight status was not related to asthma in general population samples of adult males 35-54 years old. A limitation of this study was, we collected info about current asthma not asthma symptoms or severity. The sample was population-based and, therefore, may be reflective of the primary care population. It is recommended that primary care practitioners not automatically screen overweight patients for asthma; however, this may be different in specialty settings.