Alzheimer's Fibroblasts are More Susceptible to Oxidative Stress

Marshall, Pamela L.
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Marshall, Pamela L., Alzheimer’s Fibroblasts Are More Susceptible to Oxidative Stress. Master’s of Science (Biomedical Sciences). May 2001. Recent evidence indicates that oxidative stress contributes to neuronal death in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In addition, it has been suggested that AD is a systemic illness in which the development of the disease is only visible in the brain. The aim of this research is to develop experimental procedures using a simple cell model, the fibroblast, to determine if proteins derived from AD skin fibroblasts are more sensitive to oxidation by reactive oxygen species than non-AD cells, and to assess the ability of antioxidants to prevent this oxidative damage in AD fibroblasts. Preliminary findings suggest that changes in sensitivity are already detectable in fibroblasts from AD patients, probably as a consequence of genetic component as well as other risk factors. Therefore, this biochemical marker might have the potential for identifying individuals at risk for AD.