Characterization of MRSA Infection at Childrens Medical Center, Dallas, January 2005-June 2005

dc.contributor.advisorSandhu, Raghbir
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dc.creatorOkoro, Ngozi M.
dc.description.abstractOkoro, Ngozi M., Characterization of MRSA infection at Childrens Medical Center, Dallas, January 2005-June 2005. Master of Public Health (Epidemiology), May 2006, 33p., 14 tables, 10 illustrations, bibliography, 13 titles. MRSA infection is increasingly emerging in patients without the established risk factors hence the term CAMRSA. This study is a descriptive secondary data analysis from an ongoing study at UTSM/CMCD and describes the CMCD patients with MRSA infection. Data analysis showed a consistent increase in the incidence rate of the infection with slight female preponderance. Race distribution showed that blacks were the majority. Most children were less than 2years, used Medicaid, had superficial infections and community-acquired infections. All (100%) isolates were susceptible to Vancomycin and Linezolid while many (92.2%) were resistant to Erythromycin. The increasing incidence in CAMRSA infection remains a challenge for public health professionals and the resistant pattern a potential problem to the pharmaceuticals.
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dc.titleCharacterization of MRSA Infection at Childrens Medical Center, Dallas, January 2005-June 2005
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