COVID-19 clinical trial participation and awareness in Texas




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The COVID-19 pandemic required the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, necessitating quick yet representative clinical trial enrollment to evaluate these preventive measures. However, misinformation around the COVID-19 pandemic and general concerns about clinical trial participation in the U.S. hindered clinical trial enrollment. This study assessed awareness of, willingness to participate in, and enrollment in COVID-19 vaccine and treatment clinical trials in Texas. A quota sample of 1,089 Texas residents was collected online from June - July 2022. Respondents were asked if they were aware of, willing to participate in, and had enrolled in clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines or treatments. Overall, 45.8% of respondents reported being aware of clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments or vaccines, but only 21.7% knew how to enroll and only 13.2% had enrolled in a COVID-19 clinical trial. Respondents with bachelor's or graduate degrees were more likely to be aware of clinical trials, more likely to have enrolled in trials, and more willing to participate in treatment trials. Women were less willing to participate and less likely to have enrolled in COVID-19 clinical trials than men. Respondents aged 55 years and older were more willing to participate, but less likely to have enrolled in COVID-19 clinical trials than 18-to-24-year-olds. Common reasons given for not participating in clinical trials included concerns that COVID-19 treatments may not be safe, government distrust, and uncertainty about what clinical trial participation would entail. Substantial progress is needed to build community awareness and increase enrollment in clinical trials.



Luningham, J. M., Akpan, I. N., Alkhatib, S., Taskin, T., Desai, P., Vishwanatha, J. K., & Thompson, E. L. (2024). COVID-19 clinical trial participation and awareness in Texas. Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics, 20(1), 2340692.


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