Does physical and mental health status differ by routine checkup in middle-aged males and females with diabetes?




McGuffee, America E.
Chillag, Kailyn
Johnson, Amber
Richardson, Regan
Williams, Hallie


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Purpose: Middle-aged males and females with diabetes are more likely to have poor physical (PH) and mental health (MH); however, there is limited research determining the relationship between MH and PH and routine checkup in diabetic middle-aged adults, especially by gender. This study's purpose was to determine whether PH and MH status differ by routine check-up in middle-aged (age 45-64) diabetic adults in the general population. Methods: This cross-sectional analysis used data from the 2017 CDC BRFSS for diabetics aged 45-64 in Florida (N=1183), Kentucky (N=617), Maryland (N=731), New York (N=593), and Ohio (N=754). Multiple logistic regression by state and gender was used to determine the relationship between MH and PH status and routine check-up, controlling for health-related, socioeconomic, and demographic factors. Results: Across states, up to half reported good PH (32-50%), over half reported good MH (46-67%), and most reported having a routine check-up (87-93%). Adjusted analysis indicated that MH and PH were not significantly related to routine checkup, but were inversely related to having diabetes plus two other health conditions. Conclusions: Overall, routine checkup was not related to good PH and MH; however, health condition number was inversely related to good PH and MH. In a primary care setting, there may be low-moderate prevalence of good PH and MH and high prevalence of having a routine checkup and multiple health conditions. We recommend automatically screening this population for PH, MH, and other chronic conditions.