Extensor Tendon Repair Outcomes Based on Timing of Repair




Garcia, Laura
Yousuf, Hayyan
Pientka II, William
Dalton, Stewart


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Purpose:Extensor tendons lie superficially on the dorsum of the hand, and are covered by relatively thin soft tissue. As such, they are prone to injury and are associated with morbidity. Mechanism of injury can vary from simple lacerations to more complex injuries with severe tissue damage. Appropriate acute management of flexor tendon injuries has been shown to be associated with more favorable outcomes; however, the extensor tendon has only recently begun to receive the same attention. There is a known correlation between surgical outcomes of flexor tendon lacerations and time from injury to repair, but the same data does not exist for extensor tendon injuries. In the present study, we aim to determine if a correlation exists between the time from injury to tendon repair, and post-surgical joint stiffness as a predictor of surgical outcomes. Methods: We have conducted a retrospective chart review of patients who have undergone extensor tendon repair surgery at JPS Health Network since 2012. Results: Our preliminary data analysis reveals that among patients that experienced surgical stiffness, there was a statistically significant relationship between increased time to surgery and increased occurence of post surgical stiffness. Conclusion: Our preliminary data indicates that early repair of extensor tendon repair should be considered in order to avoid post operative joint stiffness.