Hormone Replacement Therapy: Investigating Language Barriers




Gamber, Mark A.


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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Investigating Language Barriers. Mark Gamber, BA, BS; Muriel Marhsall, DO, DrPH; Gilbert Ramirez, DrPH, Janice Knebl, DO; Karen Godwin, PhD; Hector Balzacar, PhD; Craig Whiting, DO. Objective: To investigate the relationship between the language spoken (Spanish or English) by the Hispanic patient when talking to their doctor and the patient’s use of HRT. Design: Retrospective chart review. Setting: Northside Family Practice clinic, UNTHSC in Ft. Worth, Texas. 102 postmenopausal Hispanic women. Measurement: HRT use, Spanish or English speaking, natural or surgical menopause. Results: A total of 102 postmenopausal Hispanic females met the inclusion criteria for chart review. The mean age of English speakers is 66.7 years old. The mean age of the Spanish speakers is 64.93 years old. 54% (55) spoke Spanish at their clinic visit and 46% (47) spoke English. Of the 55 Spanish speakers, 36% had at some point used HRT while 64% had never used HRT. Of the 47 English speakers, 49% had at some point used HRT while 51% had never used HRT. There is not a significant difference (p=0.20) when comparing language spoken by the patient at the clinic visit and whether they are prescribed HRT. Conclusion: While a significant difference was not found between the two groups, a greater percentage of English speaker (48%) than Spanish speaking (36%) Hispanic females are prescribed HRT in this study. In fact, when adjusted for age, English speakers were 1.88 times more likely to have used HRT than Spanish speakers. Based on the apparent need to bridge the language barrier between physicians and patients over issues important as menopause and HRT, more research is needed in this area. Key Words: Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hispanic, Women. University of North Texas Health Science Center; Ft. Worth, Texas (MG, MM, GR, JK, KG, HB, CW) Address correspondence and reprint requests to Mark Gamber c/o Dr. Muriel Marshall, University of North Texas Health Science Center; 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd; Fort Worth, Texas 76107. 817-735-2440; 817-735-2137 (fax). mgamber@hotmail.com. Word Count: 1311. Number of Tables: 1. Number of References: 16. Date of Submittal: 4/26/02.