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    Determining Perceived Self-Efficacy for Preventing Dengue Fever in Two Climatically Diverse Mexican States: A Cross-Sectional Study
    (MDPI, 2022-03-28) Annan, Esther; Angulo-Molina, Aracely; Yaacob, Wan Fairos Wan; Kline, Nolan; Lopez-Lemus, Uriel A.; Haque, Ubydul
    Knowledge of dengue fever and perceived self-efficacy toward dengue prevention does not necessarily translate to the uptake of mosquito control measures. Understanding how these factors (knowledge and self-efficacy) influence mosquito control measures in Mexico is limited. Our study sought to bridge this knowledge gap by assessing individual-level variables that affect the use of mosquito control measures. A cross-sectional survey with 623 participants was administered online in Mexico from April to July 2021. Multiple linear regression and multiple logistic regression models were used to explore factors that predicted mosquito control scale and odds of taking measures to control mosquitoes in the previous year, respectively. Self-efficacy (beta = 0.323, p-value = < 0.0001) and knowledge about dengue reduction scale (beta = 0.316, p-value =< 0.0001) were the most important predictors of mosquito control scale. The linear regression model explained 24.9% of the mosquito control scale variance. Increasing age (OR = 1.064, p-value =< 0.0001) and self-efficacy (OR = 1.020, p-value = 0.0024) were both associated with an increase in the odds of taking measures against mosquitoes in the previous year. There is a potential to increase mosquito control awareness and practices through the increase in knowledge about mosquito reduction and self-efficacy in Mexico.