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    Open Educational Resources (OERs) and the Health Science Information Landscape: What I Want People to Know
    (Doody Enterprises, Inc., 2023-06-13) Speer, Elizabeth S.
    Providing and expanding free access to medical research and quality health information can save lives and increase global equity, particularly in areas of the world where people cannot afford expensive access to traditionally published educational materials. One way to accomplish these goals is by promoting the creation and use of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in health science education. A common misconception is that OERs are just textbooks, but in reality they can include articles, new apps, software, images, entire courses, and other materials developed to promote education. Other common misconceptions surrounding OERs are that they are somehow less accurate than traditionally published materials or that they intentionally compete with the bottom line of publishers. Librarians who work with OERs are always available to partner with researchers, students, vendors, course designers and faculty to dispel these misconceptions and bring OERs into the health sciences in a more visible and larger scope.
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    Interlibrary Loan: Saying Yes Matters
    (Texas Library Association, 2021-03) Speer, Elizabeth S.
    Published in the Texas Library Journal, spring edition, March 2021. Interlibrary loan at Gibson D. Lewis Library is discussed as an important service that provides medical information to those who need it. The article describes a recent interlibrary loan transaction where prompt service provided a doctor with critical information prior to performing surgery on a cancer patient.