Demographic and Psychosocial Correlates of COVID-19 Vaccination Status among a Statewide Sample in Texas




Luningham, Justin M.
Akpan, Idara N.
Taskin, Tanjila
Alkhatib, Sarah A.
Vishwanatha, Jamboor K.
Thompson, Erika L.


0000-0002-5037-9149 (Luningham, Justin)
0000-0002-0266-6020 (Vishwanatha, Jamboor K.)
0000-0002-7115-0001 (Thompson, Erika L.)
0000-0003-2993-2939 (Akpan, Idara)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global public health concern since early 2020 and has required local and state-level responses in the United States. There were several Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccines available for the prevention of COVID-19 as of August 2022, yet not all states have achieved high vaccination coverage. Texas is a particularly unique state with a history of opposing vaccination mandates, as well as a large and ethnically/racially diverse population. This study explored the demographic and psychosocial correlates of COVID-19 vaccinations among a statewide sample in Texas. A quota sample of 1089 individuals was surveyed online from June-July 2022. The primary outcome in this study was COVID-19 vaccination status (fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or unvaccinated) and included independent variables related to demographics, COVID-19 infection/vaccine attitudes and beliefs, and challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hispanic/Latinx individuals were more likely than non-Hispanic White individuals to be partially vaccinated as opposed to unvaccinated. Higher education levels and confidence that the FDA would ensure a safe COVID-19 vaccine were strongly associated with a higher likelihood of being fully vaccinated. In addition, some challenges brought on by the pandemic and concerns about becoming infected or infecting others were associated with a higher likelihood of being partially or fully vaccinated. These findings emphasize the need to further investigate the interaction between individual and contextual factors in improving COVID-19 vaccination rates, especially among vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.



Luningham, J. M., Akpan, I. N., Taskin, T., Alkhatib, S., Vishwanatha, J. K., & Thompson, E. L. (2023). Demographic and Psychosocial Correlates of COVID-19 Vaccination Status among a Statewide Sample in Texas. Vaccines, 11(4), 848.


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