Clinical Diagnosis: A Manual of Laboratory Methods


While the original purpose of this book- to present Clearly and concisely the various laboratory methods which are of use in clinical medicine- has not been lost Sight of, its scope has been somewhat enlarged in the present edition. Each section has been carefully revised and much new Material has been added to every chapter. Among the many additions may be mentioned: the use of artificial light and the importance of numerical aperture in microscopic work; photomicrography with simple apparatus; The antiformin method for tubercle bacilli; detection and significance of albumin in the sputum; Tsuchiya's modification, of Esbach's test; the formalin test for ammonia And benedict's methods for sugar in urine; volume index Of red blood-corpuscles; wright and Kinnicutt's method of counting blood-platelets; Harlow’s blood-stain; a simple Technic for the diagnosis of typhoid fever by blood cultures; The Wassermann reaction, and Frothingham's Impression method in the diagnosis of rabies. Because of the growing importance of animal parasites, this chapter has been entirely rewritten and more than Doubled in extent. Two new chapters have been added: One upon bacteriologic methods, which supplements the Methods given in other portions of the book, and one upon preparation and use of vaccines, including therapeutic and diagnostic use of tuberculin.