Novel Methods for Processing Biological Samples Stored Onto FTA® Paper

Aranda, Xavier G.
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Aranda, Xavier G., Novel Methods for Processing Samples Stored Onto FTA® Paper. Masters of Science (Biomedical Sciences), May, 2003, 76 pp., 10 tables, 17 illustrations, bibliography, 30 titles. The goal was to develop methodologies to facilitate the processing of samples stored on FTA® paper for paternity and forensic testing. The research was divided into three major areas. The first was an evaluation of the stability of the different FTA® matrices, and the development of a process which would maximize the amount of genetic information that could be obtained from a single 1.2 mm FTA® punch. The second was the development of a process for the efficient elution of the DNA trapped within the FTA® matrix. This would facilitate the use of FTA® technology with high throughput robotic processing systems. The third was the development of methodologies which would allow the integration of FTA® technology with a non-invasive buccal swab collection process. The methods developed from these studies are now used in the DNA Identity Laboratory at UNTHSC and many other laboratories throughout the world for routine casework analysis.