Identification of Actin Binding Proteins Associated with Cross-Linked Actin Networks

Mills, Christy E.
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Mills, Christy E., Identification of Actin Binding Proteins Associated with Cross-Lined Actin Networks. Master of Science (Pharmacology and Neuroscience), December 2006, 95 pp., 9 tables, 16 figures, references, 122 titles. Glucocorticoid therapy can leady to ocular hypertension and glaucoma. The purpose of this study is to examine mechanisms contributing to increased intraocular pressure using tissue culture models of steroid-induced ocular hypertension through identification of specific actin-binding proteins associated with cross-linked actin network (CLANs). Human trabecular meshwork ™ cells were cultured to confluence and treated with dexamethasone or vehicle for 14 days. Total RNA was extracted for gene expression analysis to confirm steroid-induced expression of actin binding proteins in human TM cells. Western blots confirmed expression of actin binding proteins and demonstrated the specificity of selected antibodies. Fluorescence microscopy of treated TM cells showed cytoskeleton rearrangements from linear actin stress fibers to cross-linked actin networks and the position of candidate proteins in relation to CLANs. Dexamethasone treatment of TM cells altered the expression of actin-associated proteins that may be important in the formation of CLANs and increased outflow resistance.