Beta Testing and the Population Genetics of Promega's Prototype PowerPlex Y Kit




Kirkendoll, Ross A.


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Developmental validation is typically done by the manufacturer of the technique or technology. According to National Standards, the manufacturer must test for human specificity to ensure compliance with standards. In addition, the PowerPlex Y kit must be shown to have male specificity because all of the loci are located on the Y-chromosome. Other necessary studies include mixture both male/female and male/male mixture studies, stability studies to show stability in the presence of environmental insults, and the focus of this study the construction of a popular database. In order to satisfy both the requirement of the National Standards and the scrutiny of the legal system, Promega Corporation assembled a collaboration of different laboratories to assist with the developmental validation of the PowerPlex Y Kit. This project was a small part of that collaboration. The DNA Identify Laboratory was chosen by Promega to assist with the construction of a population database because of the number of samples available and the need for confirmed father/son pairs. The objectives of the study were to type ~200 father/son pairs from each of the Caucasian and African American races, and then determine the haplotype frequencies, haplotype diversities, and mutation rates for each race.