Validation of Bodeplex 3 for Typing Small Amplicons and Low Copy Number DNA




Chahrour, Maria H.


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Chahrour, Maria H., Validation of BodePlex3 for typing small amplicons and low copy number DNA. Master of Science (Forensice Genetics), July, 2003. 76 pp., 14 tables, 6 figures, references, 25 titles. The BodePlex 3 multiplex is a sensitive mini-STR typing system for analyzing highly degraded and low copy number (LCN) DNA. It allows for the typing of smaller amplicons and decreased quantities of DNA template, thus enhancing the sensitivity of STR analysis of compromised samples. The present study validated BodePlex 3 multiplex system on the ABI PRISM 3100 Genetic Analyzer to be used at The Bode Technology Group for forensic DNA analysis of small amplicons and LCN DNA. Validation experiments were performed according to the DNA Advisory Board (DAB) guidelines. Performance of the multiplex was accurate, reliable and reproducible. The results indicated that the typing system is highly specific for human DNA, sensitive for detecting profiles of LCN DNA, and is capable of resolving mixtures to a certain extent. In addition, this project outlined possible limitations that must be considered for successful use and interpretation of BodePlex 3 DNA profiling results.